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Ecosystem Services

An ecosystem is a dynamic complex of plants, animals, microorganisms and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit. 

Central to understanding this is that people are integral parts of ecosystems.

Scottish Highland Estates: The Gamekeepers’ Lot (6-minute Video)

Mike Holliday is the wildlife manager at the Glen Ample Estate in the Scottish Highlands, and over the past 35 years, he has had to contend with many different management issues.

In the early years, poaching was an issue for a variety of reasons, but Mike was able to overcome the problems.

Charcoal Snap-Facts from The State of The Wildlife Economy Report

Charcoal is one of the most important non-timber forest products in Africa. It meets the energy needs of about 800 million people or 65% of the population.

It has high energy content, is easy to store and handle and produces comparatively less smoke. Over 90% of households still use charcoal for their energy requirements, even where alternative forms of energy exist.

Kizigo Game Reserve: Joint Anti-poaching Tactics with TAWA (6-minute Video)

Hunting safari operators in Tanzania are expected to undertake conservation work within their leased concessions. 

Ganam/EBN operate in the Kizigo West and Kizigo Central game reserves in Western Tanzania and has conducted a variety of projects since moving into the area, which include opening 1,000 km of roads, resurfacing the bush airstrip for year-round access and the building of small dams for water provision.

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