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African wildlife conservation faces many challenges.

Competing economic priorities, such as poverty reduction and economic development, are high on the list; political leaders prioritize economic growth over wildlife protection. Resources are limited, and conservation efforts require significant financial investment, which can be difficult for countries with limited budgets.

The Importance of River Patrols (5-minute Video)

International borders are problematic regarding anti-poaching operations, but even more so when a major river forms the boundary.

The Zambezi River forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and in the section above Victoria Falls, there are many small islands and numerous channels, which makes patrolling very difficult.

Kizigo West and Central and Moyowosi South  Report 2022

The Moyowosi South Game Reserve is a vast wetland system of extensive swamps, floodplains and forests supporting large wildlife concentrations. This area is difficult to access during both the dry and wet seasons.

Taking Care of Business (8-minute Video)

Coira and Lauri Goss run Goss Estates with their mother in Northern KZN, South Africa. There are no airs and graces with these determined women whose motto is "just get on with it!"

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