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The Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (OPHAA)

The Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (OPHAA) is a non-profit umbrella organization founded on associate rather than individual membership, a fundamental difference from the International Professional Hunters Association and the African Professional Hunters Association.

The Importance of Poaching Awareness (8-min Video)

Director of Guides Against Poaching (GAP) John Laing and professional hunter Guy Venter discuss the importance of getting all the different wildlife sector players to contribute to anti-poaching activities and make the public aware of the problem.

Enforcement and Engagement: Robin Hurt Safaris

Robin Hurt Safaris (RHS) has been operating in Tanzania since 1993. From the start, the company understood that while protection was necessary for wildlife to survive in a rapidly changing Africa, human communities had to benefit meaningfully from the resource.

The Save Valley Conservancy Anti-poaching Operations (9-min Video)

The Save Valley Conservancy rose from the ashes of a terrible drought in the early 1990s. Wildlife replaced cattle but with the changeover came the inevitable problem of poaching. Each conservancy member is responsible for their anti-poaching program, but plans exist to create a unified force.

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