Why Bother?

Why Bother?

A study conducted by Lindsey et al. in 2013 shows that the estimated capital start-up cost of a game ranch in Zambia is in the range of USD 537 per hectare. 

Throw in the start-up capital, and a 2,000-hectare piece of property would be approximately USD 1,500,000 – depending on the area and the distance from the capital city of Lusaka.

And then there is:

· Permits for the sale and transport of live animals

·  A lack of a clear wildlife policy

·  Barriers to game meat sales

·  Subsistence bushmeat poaching

·  Commercial poaching

·  Erection and maintenance of game-proof fencing

·  Agricultural subsidies competition

·  Veterinary restrictions

Animal rights activists are the biggest threat to any wildlife endeavor; they are against any form of wildlife use.

So why bother?

Why not instead cut down all the trees, make charcoal, plow up the land, and grow crops?