Repurposing Snares for Good (6-minute Video)

Repurposing Snares for Good (6-minute Video)

Snare busters repurpose the snares collected in the field, especially the wire and the thin cable, by donating them to an organization called “Down to the Wire”. The material is fashioned into jewelry and sold to the public. The money raised through the sales is plowed back into conservation.

But many snares are made from thicker cable, and their idea is to get a knife maker to create Damascus steel knives using this material. The knife handles could then be fashioned from buffalo horn and giraffe bone sourced from poached animals.

These knives would then have an interesting back story: something nasty, removed from the bush and made into a work of art. 

With the Damascus steel blade, a handle made from bone or horn and photographs in a customized case would be a collector's item. 

The funds generated could then go back into anti-poaching efforts.