The Rhino Poaching Crisis (5-Minute Video)

The Rhino Poaching Crisis (5-Minute Video)

YouTube has put an 18+ age restriction on this video as they consider the imagery contained within too gruesome. Poaching is horrific, but the truth must be told to get on top of the crisis.

Dr Dave Cooper retired as Chief Veterinarian at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, South Africa, in August 2022 after dedicating 27 years to this role. In that time, he watched four local extinctions of rhinos, two on state-owned land and two on private properties, which amounts to a loss of approximately 100 00 hectares of prime rhino habitat.

General conservation management has been affected, with managers becoming more involved in law enforcement. They don't have the time to spend on normal biological activities. He believes that the conservation efforts presently being implemented are not working and that something must change.

The ban on the legal trade in rhino horn is simply playing into the hands of the poachers, the corrupt officials and syndicates that are involved and the animal rights organizations who are using the crisis to raise money.

Blood money because the more rhinos that die, the more money is raised. Without dead rhinos, there is no reason for their existence.

Dr. Cooper has not met a single conservationist or rhino owner who is against legalizing the trade.