Aircraft Effectiveness in Anti-Poaching (5-Minute Video)

Aircraft Effectiveness in Anti-Poaching (5-Minute Video)

Agility is the name of the game when it comes to effective anti-poaching work. When Zambeze Delta Safaris (ZDS) started operating in Coutada 11 in Mozambique, they used a light aircraft for aerial patrolling.

One issue with a fixed-wing aircraft is that poachers can hear it a long way off, and it can only land on an airstrip. Although more expensive to run than airplanes, helicopters are more versatile.

ZDS's policy is that choppers are much more effective even if only half the necessary hours are flown.

The Robison R22 helicopter is ZDS's eye in the sky. Although it can only carry one ranger, it is light on fuel, nimble, and can cover large areas quickly.

The company also has Robison R 44s in their 11-chopper fleet, which can carry three rangers for more extensive operations.

ZDS has set up its licensed maintenance organization in Mozambique, which is staffed with engineers to ensure smooth operations.