Photo Essay: Gamekeeping in Scotland

Photo Essay: Gamekeeping in Scotland

Gamekeeping in Scotland refers to managing and conserving game species for hunting and sporting purposes. It is deeply rooted in Scottish traditions and involves maintaining the natural balance of wildlife populations while providing opportunities for recreational shooting.

Scotland's gamekeepers play a crucial role in preserving the habitats, controlling predators, anti-poaching and ensuring the health of game populations in the country.

They also contribute to biodiversity and conservation efforts by managing the overall landscape. Regulated hunting is a significant part of Scotland's rural economy and a popular activity among local and international enthusiasts.

Over the years, efforts have been made to balance gamekeeping traditions and sustainable conservation practices. Various organizations, government bodies, and landowners cooperate to ensure responsible game management while safeguarding Scotland's natural heritage.

Scotland's gamekeepers have, however, come under attack from the animal rights movements, which threatens their conservation efforts.